Sephora Lip Balm - Coconut Water

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What it is
A range of six lip balms, each with a different ingredient to nurture lips all day long.
What it does
Available in balm or scrub format, these addictive scent will meet any lip concern and boost every mood. Each of the five balms feature targeted ingredients for specific benefits. The lip scrub features gentle sugar exfoliants to smooth and soften lips, priming them for lipstick and other lip products.
What it is formulated without
Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates
What else you need to know
Coconut Lip Balm: Nurtures and soothes.
Rose Lip Balm: Nurtures and imparts shine.
Goji Lip Balm: Nurtures and protects.
Tangerine Lip Balm: Nurtures and Tones.
Almond Lip Balm: Nurtures and Moisturizes.