Dior - Diorskin Forever Undercover Everlasting Concealer - 010 Ivory

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By using Christian Dior Diorskin Forever Undercover concealer, you can be sure that your skin imperfections will remain invisible throughout the day. Thanks to its waterproof composition, the concealer covers imperfections even when the skin is exposed to moisture or sweat.

The almost elastic texture of the new Diorskin Forever Undercover concealer completely blends with the skin, while not emphasizing wrinkles and accumulating in skin folds.

- light consistency is easy to apply and lay down without any problems,

- adheres well to the skin and gives a natural impression,

- excellent hiding power,

- composition resistant to water and sweat.


Using the applicator, apply to the areas to be covered, and rub into the skin with your fingers or a sponge. It can be used under and over the foundation..